The new project combines rigorous lines and rational organization of space, to meet the needs of functionality and practicality of those who love the great outdoors.
Epoxy-coated steel and Piasentina stone are the materials chosen for this new project, ideal to resist moisture, weathering, temperature changes and wear.
The use of painted steel reflects a precise aesthetic choice: to take the kitchen outside the walls of the home, making it the protagonist of outdoor spaces.
Besides the classic barbecue grill, a pizza oven, a fryer, a teppanyaki grill and an induction burner (for traditional cooking).
The system offers two storage zones (for wood and cooking utensils), a washing area, a beverage cooler, an ice machine and a basin, also in Piasentina stone.
Countertop bar counter in heat-treated solid wood
Chaise longue in heat-treated solid wood